• Advantage of Kynol

Unlocking the Future ​
with Unmatched Performance​

Excellent flame resistance
and non-meltability

This is a burning test result in which several types of flame-resistant cloths were heated with a burner at 800°C for 30 seconds.Compared with other flame-resistant fibers, Kynol shows higher flame resistance, non-melting and less thermal shrinkage even at high temperatures.

Low smoke・gas emission

The constituent elements of Kynol are only C (Carbon), H (Hydrogen) and O (Oxygen).
Therefore, it does not contain phosphorus and nitrogen element which cause toxic gases when burned.
In addition, compared to organic fibers and natural fibers, smoke emission is very low.

Chemical resistance

Kynol has excellent chemical resistance. For example, it does not dissolve in concentrated hydrochloric acid, suffering less than 10% loss of strength. It is also insoluble in organic solvents.

Amorphous carbon fiber

Kynol carbon fiber has an amorphous structure. It is a low strength, soft and flexible carbon fiber.

Outstanding activated
carbon performance

Compared to granular activated carbon, the adsorption and desorption speeds of ACF are very fast. It has a high level of purity and a large specific surface area.

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